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The Best New Stories of 2007 - Free SF Reader - Not Free SF Reader - Super Reader - Space Opera Reader
The Best New Stories of 2007
##Muppet News Flash - Alastair Reynolds still bloody excellent.

These are the best stories new from 2007 that I read (of which there were over 700 at a rough count). Thought I'd break it into sections so the ones on the web can be looked for, if anyone is interested.

Free SF Reader

Orm the Beautiful - Elizabeth Bear
Ice Dwarves - Doug Goodman
Qubit Conflicts - Jetse De Vries
Wikiworld - Paul Di Filippo
Scroogled - Cory Doctorow
Steve Fever - Greg Egan
**The Sledge-Maker's Daughter - Alastair Reynolds
Craters - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Not Free SF Reader

Plotters and Shooters - Kage Baker
Father Muerte and the Joy of Warfare - Lee Battersby
The Rest Of Your Life In A Day - Elizabeth Bear
The Quiet Man - David Carrico
Dark Integers - Greg Egan
Glory - Greg Egan
Inducing - Paul Haines
Laws Of Survival - Nancy Kress
Episode Seven Last Stand Against the Pack in the Kingdom of Purple Flowers - John Langan
Titanium Mike Saves the Day - David D. Levine
Murder In Parliament Street - Barry B. Longyear
Verthandi's Ring - Ian McDonald
Dead Money - Lucius Shepard
Stars Seen Through Stone - Lucius Shepard
Muse Of Fire - Dan Simmons
A Day In Her Lives - Kevin Veale

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threemonkeys From: threemonkeys Date: January 3rd, 2008 08:20 am (UTC) (Link)
Oooh - I spy two stories eligible for SJV awards on that list. Not a bad count ;-)
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